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Anse l'ÉtangAZ Martinique was born in May 2012 with the main objective to introduce the Martinique tourism in all aspects. Also, having presented its beaches, mountains, forests, places to visit, museums, distilleries and others, we decided to continue our work by going much further and introduce the Martinique thoroughly.

So if you ask a question on Martinique not related to tourism, AZ Martinique will accompany you in your research, studies and schoolwork. Summarize Martinique in its places to visit and the richness of its territory would be greatly reducer.

Blue-headed hummingbirdHow talking about the Martinique if not present its biodiversity, one of the most amazing in the world (proven in terms of numbers), gastronomy and recipes inherited from his past migration and miscegenation, its men and women who made him famous all over the world, proverbs used for centuries, fruit, vegetables and spices that make it an unforgettable culinary destination.

To all this we added the studies and research on topics that interest you necessarily. What is the place of women in Martinique society? This subject is treated from the Arawak woman to the current woman and commonalities are still very numerous.

Martinique carnivalCould it have been to believe that if today the Rio Carnival is the most famous in the world, the history of the Carnival on the American continent goes back to our island of Martinique!

When the subject does not require a long study, it is treated just the same in depth in "Did You Know?" Why Martinique Martinique is called Martinique? Which flag for Martinique? Why do we eat crabs at Easter? Why so much cod in our diet? Could we be Dutch? etc... The topics are many and facts are explained for your enjoyment.

Historical facts that have marked the history of the island are also discussed. They let you to see the history of the island from a different perspective and understand the face of the current island.

Caribbean islandsFinally of course, there was the question of refocusing Martinique in its geographical area. Martinique is a Caribbean island, do you know the Caribbean islands that surround the Martinique ? AZ Martinique introduce them to you. What commonalities do we have with these islands and can we strengthen our relationship with our sisters? All questions are addressed in this great topic of "All to know".

Of course, when a new topic trots into our heads we will process it for you, so feel free to come visit this section regularly to know and understand even better Martinique.

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