Introduction of Martinique

Martinique formerly called "Matinino" which means "Island of Women" mistranslated "Madinina" (Island of Flowers) is an island of the Caribbean archipelago located between Dominica at north, and Saint Lucia at south.

History of Martinique

Fort Royal former name of Fort-de-France during the colonizationLike other Caribbean islands, Martinique was first a land of Carib Indians before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in June 1502, and colonization in the 16th century by the French. She has had various waves of immigration which the local population is now the heir.
Whereas slavery was abolished in 1848, the traces of this period are still visible on many levels.
Today, Martinique is a French department and region, that has the same rights as metropolitan departments, although the gap according to different economic and social criteria remains important.
» History of Martinique

The languages spoken are French and Creole (regional language inherited from slavery). English and Spanish are also spoken by part of the population and studied at school.

The currency is the euro. The US dollar and other currencies are often accepted in souvenir shops, even if it is better to exchange your currency against the euro before arriving.

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