Discover Martinique

Map of the world with Martinique's position

Where is Martinique located?

Martinique is a small island located in the Caribbean archipelago near the American continent.

Dominica is to its north and the island of Saint Lucia to the south.

Its exact geographical coordinates are 14.38° N and 61.2° 2W.

Moulin de Val d'Or

The Moulin du Val d'Or (Val d'Or mill) is one of the many witnesses to Martinique's slave-owning past. It was erected in the 18th century on the Habitation du Val d'Or to facilitate the crushing of sugar cane. With a height of 18 meters, it was the central element of the old plantation and the point of connection between the plantation, i.e. the place of the sugar production, and the pier of the seaside from where the goods were transported.

Fort Desaix

Fort Desaix overlooking the city of Fort-de-France was erected between 1765 and 1774 on the Morne Garnier at 146 meters above sea level.

At the time, there were many colonial wars, the European powers waged merciless wars to conquer the greatest number of territories in the Caribbean. It must be said that the islands produced coffee, cocoa, sugar or rum which sold for exorbitant prices once they arrived on European markets.

Simon hotel

The Simon hotel is located in Fort-de-France not far from the Baie des Flamands, below the highest tower in the city center, the Lumina Tower. Thus, you will be able to easily access all the main places you wish to visit in Fort-de-France, and to go to the communes of the island you will just have to use the public transport (TCSP, cabs) located in the station at less than 5 minutes walking distance.

Manman Dlo and Yemaya

Manman Dlo is an underwater sculpture present in the city of Saint-Pierre. Manman Dlo means "mermaid of the Martinican seas" in Creole. It is inspired by tales, tradition, the sacred. The artist Laurent Valère, who is also the author of the statuettes for the Cap 110 Memorial at Le Diamant, wanted to pay tribute to this local myth.

Maison d'Aimé Césaire

The maison d'Aimé Césaire (Aimé Césaire's house) is the place where you can learn the most about the poet during your stay on the island. Acquired in the 1960s to live there with his family, it still contains many objects that belonged to the writer as well as memories that he had treasured during his lifetime.

Today, the place is a space for exchanges, meetings and cultural events linked to the memory of Aimé Césaire.