Born in the first half of the 17th century, the Creole language is a mosaic of an aextraordinary richness. Native American legacies were supplemented by the dialects of French colonists, Blacks from West Africa, and later "Coolies" from India and China.Creole proverbs, contrary to popular belief, are not words of the past, "pawol an tan lontan" (words of the past) as they say in Martinique. The proverb is immortal, eternal, and indispensable. As they say in Martinique: "Pa konnet mové" (It is bad not to know). Click on the title to read the morality.

A fòs makak karésé ich li, i tjwé’y

Through having caressed her child, the macaque killed him.
Morality :

Trying too hard to do well, you end up destroying everything.

A pa lè ou fen pou mété manjé si difé

It's not when you're hungry you have to start to cook your meal.
Morality : You should know exercise foresight and responsiveness.

A pa pou on zo mwen key kryé chyen : "bonjou bopè"

It's not for a bone that I'm going to say to a dog,"hello father-in-law".
Morality :

I'm not going to consent to humiliate myself for any benefit.

Adan lavi sé yon a lot

In life it is one and the other.
Morality :

Unity makes strength.

An ba latè pa ni plézi

Under the earth, there is no fun.
Morality :

We must take advantage of every day life offers us.

An kay san yich, sé an jadin san flè

A house without children is a garden without flowers.
Morality : The children are the delight of parents.

An kout lang sé an nich poul bwa

A lick is a niche of wood hen (animal like termite)
Morality : A word can have terrible consequences.

An manman sé an bol a kouvèti

A mother is a lidded bowl.
Morality : Any mother knows how to hide the defects of his children.

An Nèg mo, an fouyapen an plis ka rété an pié

A Negro dead is a breadfruit more staying in the breadfruit tree.
Morality : The death of a person always benefits to another.

An sel mouton ka gaté tout an twoupo

A single sheep gives scabies to a whole herd.
Morality : Only one item can rot a whole group.