Born in the first half of the 17th century, the Creole language is a mosaic of an aextraordinary richness. Native American legacies were supplemented by the dialects of French colonists, Blacks from West Africa, and later "Coolies" from India and China.Creole proverbs, contrary to popular belief, are not words of the past, "pawol an tan lontan" (words of the past) as they say in Martinique. The proverb is immortal, eternal, and indispensable. As they say in Martinique: "Pa konnet mové" (It is bad not to know). Click on the title to read the morality.

Kochon pa ka kaka la i ka domi

The pig does not defecate where he sleeps.
Morality : Everyone protects her privacy.

Konté zig pa ni may

Having friends does not mean end up in the meshes of a net.
Morality : Friendship does not prevent self-interest.

Kout pié jiman pa ka fè poulen mal.

The kicks of the mare does not hurt the foal.
Morality : What comes from a loved one is completely devoid of malice and doesn't offense.

Kout pié juman pa ka fè chouval mal

The kicks of the mare does not hurt the horse.
Morality : A woman can not reach her husband.

Krapon viv lontan

The fearful lives long.
Morality : In life, you have to exercise restraint, as cowards who will not take any risk and live long.

La dévèn sé an vié nèg

Bad luck is an old negro.
Morality : Misfortunes never come singly.

La fèt fini, tout violon rangé dan sak

The party is over, all the violins are stored in the bag
Morality : There is a time for everything.

La pousyè di plis ki sa, van chayé’y

The dust was nice talking, the wind carried.
Morality : The strongest is always right.

La vi a sé pa an bòl toloman

Life is not a bowl of toloman.
Morality : Life is not rosy.

Ladévenn ka apiyé asou do Nèg'

Misfortune continues to plague on the back of the Negro.
Morality : If you are poor, bad luck befalls you.