Bois bandé, a miracle aphrodisiac?

StallionWhen a French President comes to Martinique, it is customary for him to come into contact with the population by going to the fruit and vegetable market in Fort-de-France. Very often, the merchants will offer him a bottle of bois bandé liquor. But what is bois bandé and will it make you a stallion in bed?

Bark of Richeria grandis, bois bandé treeFirst of all you should know that the bois bandé (or bwa bandé in Creole) is the bark of the Richeria grandis tree which grows in the islands of the Caribbean. It is endemic to our island and several islands in the Caribbean. It is also present in Brazil and northern South America. It is mostly seen as a natural aphrodisiac. For several centuries, Indians had already used it as a cure for erectile problems or other male sexual problems.

Even today many see it as capable of improving men's sexual performance and increasing desire in women. But is the miracle aphrodisiac bois bandé a myth or a reality?

Indeed, extensive scientific studies have established that the plant has sexually stimulating properties. The bark not only increases the appetite for sex but also treats erectile problems in men. Once introduced into the body, the bandaged wood would cleanse the blood, and improve blood circulation by dilating the vessels towards the penis which would then give a stronger and longer lasting erection. It would also increase the size of the penis (be careful, gentlemen, bois bandé does not work a miracle!) And give a delayed and more powerful ejaculation.

Its most popular effects, however, are endurance. The bois bandé would lengthen the duration of sexual intercourse.

Women can also use it to increase their libido (sex drive) and the pleasure they feel during sex.

Bois bandé is known to be one of the fastest-acting sexual enhancers once consumed.

Be careful though, it has been reported that the overuse or overly concentrated use of bois bandé has caused prolonged erections with / or loss of energy in men. We cannot recommend enough to use it in a moderate way.

Bois bandé bark and liqueurToday, bois bandé exists in various forms. It is possible to buy it as a bark, capsule, powder or liquid in more or less concentrated doses. You will find it in the various markets of the Caribbean islands but also in drugstores in the shelves of food supplements or in large online sales chains.

Bois bandé has many other therapeutic properties. It can also be used in the treatment of urinary problems. Its consumption prevents kidney stones. It would have anticancer properties, in particular prostate cancer. It also improves pancreatic functions.

Bois bandé liqueursIn Martinique, there are also liqueurs and punchs de bois bandé. The dried barks are macerated in rum for sometimes several months in the preparation of the rhum arrangé or in several short infusions, of the order of about 20 minutes.

If you go to the various markets of the island do not be shocked to find it under the name of "redresseur de zizi" (penis rectifier), "pété braguette" (meaning trouser fly will explode) or other flowery language. The "redresseur de clito" (clitoris rectifier) is a liqueur made from ginger, another aphrodisiac present locally.

Again to be consumed in moderation and not recommended for minors.