Breadfruit (fruit à pain)


BreadfruitThe breadfruit by its scientific name Artocarpus altilis is from the Moraceae family and is believed to be native to the region of New Guinea. The oldest research located it there 3500 years ago.

It was discovered by Polynesians who planted wherever they went in the Pacific. Breadfruit was then implanted in the Southeast Asia island and coastal by the Indonesians to be widespread in the tropics during colonization.

When attempting to implant breadfruit to the Caribbean, the crew of the famous Bounty HMAV was executed on April 28, 1789. So it's a year later, in 1790 that the breadfruit would have arrived in Martinique.

The purpose of the introduction of breadfruit in Martinique was that it could serve as food for slaves but his success was not immediate. Slaves preferred bananas.


BreadfruitThere are many species of breadfruit either by region or form.

If in the South Pacific, a tree produces about 150 fruits a year, in the Caribbean only 25 fruits are produced per tree per year. The ovoid fruit has a rough surface, and each fruit is divided into akenes, each achene surrounded by fleshy perianth and increasingly on a fleshy receptacle.

Most selective breeding cultivars are seedless fruit. We generally found it towards the end of the year from October to February in Martinique.

Health benefits

Pieces of breadfruitBreadfruit is a high-energy food. The starch and sugar it contains make it a high calorie food. It is a fruit that also has a high carbohydrate content (starch) that mature turns into sugar.

Medicinally, breadfruit is rarely used, but still has some medicinal properties. It helps fight against liver disorders and hypertension.


Recipe with fried breadfruit and fried fishBreadfruit is a starchy food along with rice, pasta, potatoes or other légume-péi (dasheens, green plantains, yams, sweet potatoes). It is rich in starch and can be eaten as a main course with meat or fish. It is eaten most often after been boiled in salted water.

After removing the thick crust, you must remove the heart and cut the white part into thick pieces. Just like the potato, breadfruit can be done by gratin or migan after cooking in water.

It can be cut into pieces and fried to make delicious fries or croquettes. These dishes are savory but it can also be consumed sweetened in blank or in the composition of a cake. Anyway, breadfruit has fully integrated the local cuisine and you often find in various restaurants on the island.