Cabbage (chou pommé)


(Cabbage) Chou pomméHead cabbage or simply cabbage from its scientific name Brassica oleracea var. capitata is a variety of cabbage characterized by a smooth head and foliage.

The first traces of cabbage date back to Antiquity. It is Theophrastus who mentionned it in his writings more than 300 years before our era. Head cabbage became important in the diet of the French from the Middle Ages. It then spreads in the gardens.

It was nicknamed the medicine of the poor. It was used as a poultice to treat sciatica and ulcers. At that time cabbage had a special place in the diet.

The head cabbage is later propagated in the world by the colonists and it is thus by the European colonists that it would have arrived in Martinique.


CabbageGiven its adaptation to all types of climates, there are very many varieties. Moreover in France alone there are more than 250 different species.

In Martinique, we find the following varieties: Constanza, Luxion, Caribbean queen, Fortuna, Green Star, Mascotte, Tropicana, Afrika cross, KK cross and Domon.

Head cabbage is a perennial, dormant with a rosette of leaves 30 to 60 cm high and wide.

A cabbage weighs 2 kg on average. It can be green, white or red, the leaves can be smooth, dense or with large green veined leaves.

Head cabbage is harvested all year round in Martinique. It usually takes between 60 to 105 days after planting depending on the variety to harvest it.

Health benefits

Head cabbage has a low energy intake and is a vegetable very rich in vitamins. It also provides fiber, thus constituting an ally of your well-being. Its fibers regulate intestinal transit.

Cabbage contains vitamin U which promotes healing of the mucous membranes, especially in cases of gastric ulcer.

Cabbage is very rich in vitamins, chlorophylls and minerals. It promotes the production of red blood cells and therefore anti-anemic.

The raw leaves are effective in the treatment of mild bronchial and pulmonary conditions and in relieving the pain of osteoarthritis.

Cabbage regulates the metabolism of sugar and fats. It also protects against cancers.

Cabbage soup is recommended in slimming diets.

Cabbage contains sulforaphane, glucosinulates and indole-3 carbinoles which are powerful anti-cancer molecules.


Cabbage saladThere are many ways to cook head cabbage. Raw, you can grate it and eat it in a salad.