AZ, a reference

AZ was created in May 2012 with the aim of convincing foreign customers to choose Martinique as a tourist destination, promote Martinique sites and inform the local population about the richness of our territories. Martinique is indeed, wrongly considered only a paradise offering paradisiacal beaches.

If this is true, we should not however summarize the island of the Caribbean to only its beaches. Martinique has extraordinary flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes such as its rivers, the diversity of the activities it offers (hiking, surfing, kitesurfing, horse riding, climbing, jet skiing, swimming), its (explosive) volcano, its fruits and vegetables, its distilleries, its AOC* rum (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée), its culture and traditions, its famous people...

AZ intends to promote all the natural sites, the celebrities, the events which made or still make Martinique. Thus a page is given to each of them.

Each year, AZ will continue to offer tourists coming to Martinique the information they want in order to have a pleasant stay on the island.

Information for the tourist

Thus to the basic offer put online at the exit of the site (presentation of tourist sites, places of accommodation on the island, essential information such as history, geography, population, economy, sports practiced in the island and traditions, the time in real time in Martinique, etc ...) has been added a range of additional information such as (festivals in the Martinican tradition, fruits and vegetables from the island, a lexicon of keywords used in Martinique) and a presence on social networks (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook).

In 2014, AZ completed the services and information offered with a forum, meteorological information for the next 10 days and help in finding inexpensive homestay accommodation. It is also enriched by offering a more regular presentation of events organized on the island.

In 2015, important subjects treated in depth are offered to our readers. Why do we eat crabs at Easter, the history of women in Martinique and their role in the family, the history of the Coulis Indians who came after the end of slavery and much more ...

Each year we will increase our range of information and interactions with potential tourists in Martinique to help them have a pleasant stay on the island. Around a small team that grows year after year, AZ Martinique intends to become the tourist guide of those who visit the island by providing them with the best possible information.

Your ideas and advice are of course welcome!

Do not hesitate to contact us !

* The controlled designation of origin (AOC) is a label that identifies a product whose manufacturing stages (production and processing) are carried out in the same geographical area and according to recognized know-how.