Easter is the second most important religious festival after Christmas. Easter begins on Good Friday. In Christianity, Good Friday is the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified on Mount Golgotha. Before his crucifixion, he is said to have carried the cross on which he died to the summit of Mount Golgotha.

It is to recall these memories that Martinique's Catholics make pilgrimages to the various "chemins de croix", where they stop at various points to place candles and say prayers to Christ.

Gastronomically speaking, it's acras day.

On Sundays, the faithful go to mass and then gather with their families for a hearty meal, specially prepared for the occasion.

On Mondays, Martinican tradition calls for families to head to the beaches after preparing "matoutou", a mixture of crabs cooked with local spices and rice. The meal is eaten on the beach. Every year, culinary competitions for the best matoutous are held on Martinique's beaches, as are crab-racing games.

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