Raid des Alizés

The Raid des Alizés is a 100% women's sporting adventure organized in Martinique's natural surroundings every year.

In 2015, the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme launched the Raid des Alizés with the aim of attracting women from all over the world to come and take part in sporting events in the island's most beautiful natural sites.

Immersed in Martinique's natural environment, teams of women compete in a variety of sporting activities (trail running, mountain biking, canoeing and, of course, running) over several days in different competition venues. In addition to being an all-women's event, the other particularity of this event is surprise: participants don't know in advance the different events that will be proposed, and must be prepared for any sport on any surface. Do you prefer a cross-country race on a wild beach or a mountain bike race in the middle of a tropical forest? You won't find out until the morning of the event.

Over and above the sporting adventure, it's a moment of sharing and female solidarity that's not limited to the team of three participants, but also involves collaboration with other teams, given that the participants are gathered together for several days on the same site. And let's not forget that it will also be an exceptional opportunity to discover the green Martinique and enhance its natural spaces.

This year, in 2023, many teams of 3 participants will try to win the Raid des Alizés from December 5 to 10. Good luck to all!

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