Tour cycliste de la Martinique 2023

Cycling is one of Martinique's favorite sports, and the Tour de la Martinique remains as popular as ever. This international race is an opportunity to discover local and international champions who may one day aspire to take part in the Grande Boucle in France, which usually takes place at the same time.

9 stages are contested over 8 days.

The Tour de la Martinique 2023 will be the 41st edition of the event. The defending champion is Diego Armando Soraca Cabezas of the TPPBC team. The Tour Cycliste de la Martinique kicks off on Saturday July 8 in Saint-Joseph. Teams from all over the world have been invited. Teams from Cuba, the United States, England, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, France, Guadeloupe and French Guiana will all be taking part.

The 9 stages are as follows:

  • 1st stage: Saturday July 8: Saint-Joseph ► Marin
  • 2nd stage: Sunday July 9: Marin ► Fort-de-France then Fort-de-France ► Fort-de-France
  • 3rd stage: Monday July 10: Fort-de-France ► Trinité
  • 4th stage: Tuesday July 11: Le Robert ► Sainte-Marie
  • 5th stage: Wednesday July 12: Rivière-Salée ► Macouba
  • 6th stage: Thursday, July 13: Sainte-Luce ► Le François
  • 7th stage: Friday July 14: Le François ► Ducos
  • 8th stage: Saturday July 15: Ducos ► Rivière-Pilote then Rivière-Pilote ► Rivière-Pilote
  • 9th stage: Sunday July 16: Rivière-Pilote ► Lamentin