Tour de Martinique des Yoles Rondes 2023

Yoles Rondes dans la baie du MarinThe Tour des Yoles is the most popular event of the year, along with Carnival. Every year, between 13 and 20 round skiffs compete for the title of Tour de la Martinique. Stages are held in towns announced in advance. Rivalry between the boats is fierce. Not only do they represent the companies they display prominently on their sails, but each one is also associated with a commune of Martinique. However, it is possible for several yawls to represent the same commune, and some communes - most often those that are not coastal and therefore have no access to the sea - are not represented. So it's a question of local honor to win the Tour.

It usually takes place in late July or early August. There is a prologue on the start day and 7 stages over 7 consecutive days. The prologue does not count towards the overall classification, and is only used to award the various jerseys. It's a sort of warm-up lap. It's rarely a harbinger of things to come on the Tour. At the same time, wouldn't it be a good idea to concentrate one's energies on a race that counts for "butter", and tire oneself out when 7 long, physical stages will be at stake the very next day?

Unlike the Tour Cycliste de la Martinique, the entire length of Martinique is covered, except in cases of force majeure (bad weather).

This year, the start will be in the bay of Fort-de-France. The 37th edition will take place from Sunday July 30, 2023 to Sunday August 6, 2023.

The "Mapipis" (favorites in yawl parlance) will once again be UFR / Chanflor, Ets Rosette / Orange, L'Appalooza / Ho Hio Hen, and of course Brasserie Lorraine / SARA Energies Nouvelles.

Last year's winner was Sara / Énergies nouvelles, owned by Diany Rémy. In this 37th edition, potentially 13 crews will take the start.

Yawls taking part in the 37th edition (subject to change):

  • Sans sponsor
    Association: Aprant
    Yawl name: Ti-Louis
    Boss: Isaac Lafleur
    Municipality: Marin
  • Cottrell - Leader Mat
    Association: Athon
    Yawl name: Le dernier jugement
    Boss: Loïc Mas
    Municipality: François
  • Snack Élyzé Restaurant – Madiana Cinéma
    Association: Ay Douvan
    Yawl name: Express
    Boss: Marc-Emmanuel Floriane
    Municipality: Sainte-Anne
  • Prixe - Westpoint
    Association: Baie des mulets
    Yawl name: L'ambéli
    Boss: Mike Melidor-Fuxis
    Municipality: Vauclin
  • GFA Caraïbes
    Association: Bwa viré
    Yawl name: Tornade
    Boss: Christophe Dédé
    Municipality: Le Robert
  • UFR – Chanflor
    Association: Caracoli
    Yawl name: Caracoli
    Boss: Félix Mérine
    Municipality: Le Robert
  • CFA UMIH Formation - RSMA Martinique
    Association: Chabin-an
    Yawl name: Chabin-an
    Boss: Philippe Daquin
    Municipality: Le François
  • SNEM - Solar Inox - Groupe Limitless
    Association: Fem & Hom à la barre
    Yawl name: Ti boug- Énergie
    Boss: Steve Jacqua
    Municipality: Le François
  • Mac Donald's
    Association: Flech'la
    Yawl name: Sagesse
    Boss: Olivier Mérine
    Municipality: Ducos
  • CDTM - EDF - Fraikin
    Association: Gommier et Tradition
    Yawl name: Sa pa zafe'w
    Boss: Mario Malfleury
    Municipality: Lamentin
  • Royal - Fruits de Martinique - ADEP
    Association: La yole trinitéenne
    Yawl name: Fayo
    Boss: Philippe Attely
    Municipality: Trinité
  • Rosette – L'Appaloosa
    Association: L'Arme fatale
    Yawl name: L'Arme fatale
    Boss: Kenny Exilie
    Municipality: François
  • Mr Bricolage
    Association: Las Palmas
    Yawl name: La révélation
    Boss: Jimmy Bellune
    Municipality: Le Robert
  • SAPRO - Pneus Cash
    Association: Vini wè sa
    Yawl name: Laurent Mas
    Municipality: Martinique
  • Sara Énergies Nouvelles – Autodistribution Martinique
    Association: Yole Net 2000
    Yawl name: Spica
    Boss: Diany Rémy
    Municipality: Marin
  • Pizzas des Îles
    Association: Zizitata
    Yawl name: Shimizu
    Boss: Yohan Curton
    Municipality: Vauclin

If you want to get there, prepare well in advance. In fact, for a stage starting at 9:00-10:00 am, the welcoming beaches are taken by storm as early as 7:00 am!

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