Sainte Anne is the southernmost town of Martinique. It is bordered by only one municipality, that of Marin to its north.

The town of Sainte Anne owes its name to a man who brilliantly defended the island against the English in 1808.

The history of Sainte Anne post-colonization dates back to 1678 when a chapel was built by a colonist for the 700 inhabitants who inhabit the place and who lived around ten sugar estates. At that time, they depended on the parish of Marin located further north. It is only sugar cane that is harvested in the town.

In 1693, the plantations-sugar refineries and the chapel were burnt down by the English coming from the south of the island and was rebuilt much later, in 1730. It was baptized Notre-Dame.

The 700 inhabitants asked for the creation of a parish independent from that of Marin, a wish which was granted in 1731. The parish was then named "Sainte Anne des Salines".

In January 1762, 4,000 men of Admiral Rodney's English fleet landed at Sainte-Anne. After three days of fighting, the English were pushed back by the defense of the district, however ten times less important, but which left 250 dead.

The church was destroyed again, this time by a cyclone in 1817. It would take 12 years for the town to have a church again.

Sainte-Anne became a commune in 1837.

At the end of the 19th century, competition from the new central plant in Le Marin contributed to the change of owners of houses which had become indebted. When the factory closed in 1969, the city had already refocused its economy around tourism. Note that cattle and sheep breeding occupies a significant place.

In 1866, the church was enlarged and embellished.

In 1991, the municipality undertook major works for the renovation of the bell tower. It was restored in 1994 by the municipality.


Sainte Anne is a town whose major activity is tourism. In addition to its many beaches, many activities in the same area are offered as well as activities and other occasional festivals. Club Med, a large luxury hotel complex has become a benchmark in Martinique.


The main districts of the municipality are Anse Michel, Bareto, Barrière la Croix, Belle Languette, Belvédère, Cap Cabaret, Cap Chevalier, Cap Ferré, Champfleury, Crève Coeur, Débarcadère, Derrière Morne, Fond Repos, Gautonne, la Casse, les Anglais, les Hauts de Beauregard, les Hauts Étages, Madet, Manon, Panorama, Pointe Marin, Poirier et Rabat Joie.

List of places to visit in the neighborhoods

Places to visit

Near Salines beach is a large protected area with l'étang des Salines (Salines pond). This vast lake is home to rare flora and fauna.

The Moulin du Val d'Or (Val d'Or mill) is one of the many witnesses to Martinique's slave-owning past. It was erected in the 18th century on the Habitation du Val d'Or to facilitate the crushing of sugar cane.

Near the very famous Salines beach in the town of Sainte Anne, is the Savane des Pétrifications at the southern tip of Martinique.


Anse Caritan is an adorable beach in the town of Sainte-Anne which is unquestionably worth the detour, especially for hikers. Indeed, the "Trace des caps" road will allow you to visit several beaches in the town, including the latter. Anse Caritan is truly a "postcard" beach.

Anse Meunier is a beach of Sainte-Anne which remains uncrowded. It offers an interesting view on the Rocher du Diamant and Morne Larcher.

Located on the Atlantic coast, Anse Michel is the opinion of some the second most beautiful beach of the island after the Salines.

Located on the Atlantic coast south of Martinique, Anse Trabaud is not very popular because of its difficult access. Indeed, no developed road exist to get there.

Ilet Chevalier as well as the Salines beach is a little place you must absolutely visit when you are in Martinique.

Located at the southern entrance to the Bay of Marin, Pointe Marin beach is in the top 5 of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

The Salines is "THE" beach in Martinique. In the opinion of most of the population, it is the most beautiful beach of the island and it is sometimes described as the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean archipelago.