The main districts of the municipality are Anse Belgrade, Anse Bellune, Anse l'Étang, Anse Spourtourne, Autre Bord, Bagatelle, Bassignac, Beauséjour, Bellevue, Bois Neuf, Bonneville, Brevette, Brin d'Amour, Cosmy, Croix Guy, Degras, Descossières, Desforts, Desmarinières, Dijon, Dufferret, Épinette, Ferret, Fond Bazile, Fond Galion, Gergault, la Breche, la Camille, la Colline, la Crique, la Flotille, la Moïse, les Dominants, les Hauts, Malgré Tout, Maximin, Merveilleuse, Morne Doudou, Morne Figue, Morne Poirier, Petit Galion, Petite Rivière Salée, Plaisable, Raisinier, Ressource, Tracée, Tracée Bonnin and Val Beauséjour.

List of places to visit in the municipality

Distilleries & Rhumeries

The Hardy distillery is located in Tartane in front of the Anse de la Brêche and near the Presqu'île de la Caravelle.

Places to visit

Château Dubuc (Dubuc Castle) is an ancient possession of the Dubuc family, a wealthy family from Dieppe in Normandy who had settled in the town of Trinité from the mid 17th century.

Former possession of the powerful family Dubuc, the sugar refinery Galion became the possession of a merchant of Saint-Pierre, Eugene Eustache who bought the debt of the former owners.

The Presqu'île de la Caravelle (Caravelle peninsula) is a natural area of Martinique located on its "arm" to the east, on the Atlantic side.


Anse Bonneville is a beach in the North Atlantic. It is located between the town of Tartane and the Château Dubuc on the peninsula of La Caravelle. It is THE beach for surfers!

Anse Cosmy beach is located in Trinité shortly after the center.

It is not very busy during the week but popular on weekends and during school holidays for local families who often come to spend the entire day.

Located at the east of the Presqu'île de la Caravelle, Anse de la Brêche is a thin sand beach is a place that will delight all those seeking peace and tranquility. The sand is brown and thin.

Tables and benches are available for a picnic in the shade of the sun.

Located in the center of Tartane, Anse de Tartane is ideal for families who visit the Atlantic coast.

The beach of Anse des Raisiniers is located near the town of Trinité. It owes its name to the sea grape trees that surround it.

It is a beautiful small beach between the town of Trinité and Tartane which will appeal to families seeking tranquility.

At the north of the Caravelle, Anse l'Etang beach is a delight for tourists staying in the north Atlantic of the island.

Although quiet and well equipped (many picnic areas, monitoring station), the beach of Anse l'Etang is still uncrowded.