Pointe Borgnese beachAZ Martinique was created with the aim of presenting to visitors and to Martinicans the beauty of the sites of our island. We wanted this gem to be better known and appreciated for its true value. Also, we have pleasure to go on the majority of them, to photograph them, to apprehend them, to know them to describe them to you.

Today AZ Martinique has decided to commit to the preservation of these places. Unfortunately, we see too much waste on the tourist sites we visit. This can not go on! It is everyone's conscience and responsibility. Why do we throw rubbish in nature when we don't in our living room?

Plastic bottle polluting the seaWe are sounding the alarm bells before it is too late. It is necessary that there is an awareness of everyone, Martinique, local authorities, companies and visitors so that we preserve our territory and preserve our animal and plant species.

We still remember in the 90s an advertisement that was broadcast on TV where a child reprimanded his father: "Papa ne salit pas la Martinique, fais ça pour moi" (meaning "Papa does not dirty Martinique, do that for me"). This advertisement marked a whole generation and since then we regret that there is not a large-scale campaign to mobilize everyone around the preservation of our natural environment.

Why destroy such a diamond? Why not respect the places we visit?

Turtle with plastic bag around its neckThe detritus released into nature threatens entire species, pollutes our waterways and poisons our forests. Would you like to visit a beach like the one pictured opposite?

This is not yet another vegan green campaign seeking to impose its idealistic vision of the world but to sound the alarm on a situation that we still control.

Garbage on a Florida beachNO to rubbish released into nature (rivers, forests, city streets),
NO to cigarette butts thrown into nature,
NO to end-of-life vehicles that visually and effectively pollute our natural places,
NO to overflowing garbage cans whose collection is too rare,

YES to responsible behavior for all "With my things I arrive, with my waste I leave!",
YES to a greater presence of bins in tourist areas,
YES to more frequent waste collection at tourist sites

We call on citizens, small, medium, large companies in Martinique, local authorities to raise general awareness, to all mobilize effectively to keep our places clean!