By choosing Martinique as your holiday destination, you have made the right choice! Indeed, the island is full of exciting, explosive and unique places to visit. Whether you are looking for beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe and relax, tropical forests with lush nature or places with still places strongly marked by the history and the past of the island you will be served.

AZ Martinique has grouped all the places to visit on the island by categories (beaches, rivers, mountains, forests, museums, distilleries or places to visit). On each card you will see the locations and then the name of the place. By clicking on the link you will have access to a presentation page of this given place.

Rabuchon forestGreen tourism is booming on the island and this can be understood when we know that our island is covered by forests (72% of its area). Martinique is a real land suitable for hiking where you can indulge in this passion in settings, each more original than the next. The different views that you will have during the hikes will not leave you indifferent. So don't forget your sneakers and backpack when you stay here.

Slave Memorial Cap 110And what would our island be without history. Formerly populated by the Arawak Indians and then the Caribbean Indians (Visit to the Ecomuseum), Martinique was revealed to Europe by the various conquests carried out in the area. If Christopher Columbus landed on the island on June 15, 1502, it was the French who would be the first Europeans to really take an interest in it. This history which goes hand in hand with the slavery past of the island is still visible on many sites (among others Ruins of the Dubuc castle, Memorial Cap 110, distilleries of the island).

Torch ginger (Etlingera elatior)Do not forget either that by setting foot on the island you arrive on a land nicknamed the Island of Flowers. So you will not be surprised to see flowers everywhere you go, whether in natural places or when visiting markets and around distilleries, museums or others.

Local dishMartinique is a French island where you eat well. Our gastronomy is rich and mixes many different flavors inherited from its past and its mixture of cultures. Many restaurants will offer you a whole range of dishes prepared with local products.

Saint Pierre ruinsPlus récemment c’est l’éruption de la Montagne Pelée en 1902 qui a transformé radicalement l’île. La ville de Saint-Pierre au sommet de sa gloire était déchue de son statut de capitale au profit de Fort-de-France et tous ses lieux mémorables que fréquentaient la bourgeoisie locale étaient réduits en ruines.

AZ Martinique vous propose 3 propositions de sites à visiter selon que vous venez 1 journée en croisière, pour un séjour de 8 jours ou encore 15 jours. Bon séjour parmi nous !

More recently, it was the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902 that radically transformed the island. The city of Saint Pierre at the height of its glory was stripped of its status as capital in favor of Fort-de-France and all its memorable places frequented by the local bourgeoisie were reduced to ruins.

AZ Martinique offers 3 proposals for sites to visit depending on whether you are coming for 1 day on a cruise, for a stay of 8 days or even 15 days. Have a nice stay with us!