Anse Azérot

Anse Azerot is a beach of the North Atlantic coast. The rest of the coastal area of ​​the North Atlantic is closed to swimming because of strong currents and high waves. Anse Azerot is the last beach where swimming is allowed.

Be careful though, because of the swell, sometimes bathing is prohibited !

It is mainly frequented by the inhabitants of the town who appreciate the particular shade of the numerous coconut trees. It is also a popular place for its facilities (tables, benches, shower, toilet, playground and parking) which allows the possibility of barbecues.

In addition, this sandy beach is lined with many coconut trees that provide welcome shade. Along the beach you will certainly see dilapidated buildings. It was the Anse Azerot Habitation, a domain built by Father Labat to exploit the lime kilns.

To get there from the Lamentin towards the North Atlantic and Sainte-Marie. Once in Sainte-Marie, the rating information on its input.

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