Anse Bonneville

Anse Bonneville is a beach in the North Atlantic. It is located between the town of Tartane and the Château Dubuc on the peninsula of La Caravelle. It is THE beach for surfers! To go there you will have to take the ... Rue du surf (surfing street in French)!

Indeed, its breaking waves make it a place adored by local and foreign surfers who come to test the Atlantic waves. The sand is dark beige or brown.

It has benches, tables in shaded areas.

In addition, showers are installed nearby. A nautical school offers initiation to surfing for the youngest as well as equipment rental for the youngest and oldest. There is no restaurant there, so plan to eat something to eat if you want to spend the day there.

Swimming is not monitored and you should take good care of the little ones when you go there.

To get there, follow the signs "Tartane" then "Château Dubuc". Turn left on the "Rue du Surf".

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