Anse Couleuvre is two beaches at the foot of impressive cliffs. The vegetation is so extensive that some consider it to be a wild beach. Coconut palms on the beach provide welcome shade.

The sand here is ebony gray or black, the legacy of the various eruptions of Montagne Pelée, the volcano located in neighboring Saint-Pierre. The color is deceptive, however, as the sand on this beach is incredibly fine.

Surfing can be practiced at Anse Couleuvre, but preferably by experienced surfers due to the fairly strong currents. It is also the starting point for hiking and sporting excursions to the municipality of Grand-Rivière, which is not connected by road.

In the evening, sunset brings its own special touch, with the sky turning orange.

Tables and benches are available for picnics.

The beach is well worth a visit. You can visit Habitation Couleuvre on foot. Don't forget your sneakers for the narrow path!

You can get there by car by following the signs for Saint-Pierre, then Prêcheur and continuing north to the end of the road. Once there, cross a small ankle-deep river and follow a footpath.

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