Anse Couleuvre

Anse Couleuvre is two beaches at the foot of impressive cliffs. The vegetation is so important that some consider it as a wild beach. Coconut trees on the beach offer appreciable shaded areas.

The sand is gray or ebony black, a legacy of the various eruptions of Mount Pelee, the volcano located in the neighboring town of Saint-Pierre. Its color is deceptive because the sand of this beach is incredibly fine.

Surfing can be practiced there but preferably by experienced surfers because of the rather strong currents. It is also the starting point for hiking and sporting hikes to the town of Grand-Rivière which is not connected by road.

In the evening, the sunset brings his unique touch with a sky that becomes orange.

This beach deserves of course a visit.

You can get there by car by following the direction of "Saint-Pierre", then "Prêcheur", then continuing north to the end of the road. Once there, you have to cross a small river that reaches the ankle and walk via a footpath.

This beach is obviously worth the detour. It is possible to visit the Habitation Couleuvre in going there on foot. Remember to bring sneakers to cross the narrow path that leads there!

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