Anse des Raisiniers

The beach of Anse des Raisiniers is located near the town of Trinité. It owes its name to the sea grape trees that surround it.

It is a beautiful small beach between the town of Trinité and Tartane which will appeal to families seeking tranquility.

It is uncrowded on weekdays and slightly more on weekends.

The water is clear and turquoise, and white sand is fine. It is similar to the Anse Tartane which is nearby.

To get there you should go towards the town of Trinité, just before the town, a small ramp to Tartane can get there.

Warning do not point towards the sizeable road leading to Tartane which will direct you to the four beaches of Tartane : Anse de Tartane, Anse de la Brêche, Anse l'étang, Anse Bonneville.

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