Anse Désert

Anse Desert is next near the Resort Caribia include the Coral Residence, and is frequented mainly by clients of the Resort. Like its siblings of Sainte-Luce, it offers ideal swimming conditions. Its white sand, turquoise water have nothing to envy to other southern beaches.

Its great distinction are undoubtedly many trees bordering the beach that offering a welcome shade especially for a picnic and a dosed sun exposure. In addition, its large boulders created small natural pools that may be suitable for children.

Anse Desert remains uncrowded on weekdays and even weekends.

To get there, take the main road D7, and then the N5 national leading to Sainte-Luce beaches. Then take a dirt road for about 200m at "Karib Pizza". A present on-site parking will allow you to park your car.

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