Anse du Carbet

The beach of Anse du Carbet or Plage du Coin is known for being the one on which Christopher Columbus landed on June 15, 1502. It is also the place which marks the beginning of the colonization in Martinique. Indeed, it is the beach on which the first settlers of the island would have landed, including the most famous Pierre d'Esnambuc.

It is a black sand beach shaded and animated by the activity of fishermen.

The water is calm but there are strong waves due to the wind. This beach has a pontoon.

Several restaurants are located there and you can enjoy local flavors almost with your feet in the water. To get there, head towards the north of Martinique and continue towards Carbet / Saint-Pierre, a little after Neisson you will see the sign "Plage du Coin" encouraging you to turn left to get there. There is a small parking lot.

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