Located in the south of Martinique, Anse Grand Macabou is one of the largest beaches in Martinique.

It is bordered by an immense coconut grove, almond trees, pear trees, galbas and manchineel trees.

It is in the course of the hike, Trace des Caps.

This is a protected beach, so the flora and fauna present here must not be captured or compensated. Small crabs and hermit crabs can often be seen in wilder spots. You may also spot a carpet of shells, known as the lambis cemetery.

Swimming is pleasant. The water is crystal clear and the sand is white and fine. In the afternoon, the water is particularly warm which makes bathing more comfortable.

An equestrian center offers to walk on the beach on horseback.

In the opinion of many visitors, it was one of the most beautiful and pleasant beaches in Martinique.

Beware, this beach is frequently subject to the arrival of shoals of sargassum in the Atlantic.

It is accessible by car via the N6 to get there but it is also advisable to go to the beach of Petit Macabou and then follow the trail. Beware though, the road leading to the beach is quite difficult as with many holes.

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