Anse Lévrier

Hikers, Anse Lévrier is for you because it is only accessible after a walk in the lush nature of the north of the island. Take your walking shoes (mostly not white because you have to walk in mud or small fords to reach it) towards the Anse Couleuvre, and let's go !

Its uniqueness is that in addition to being a wild beach, and unknown to access, Anse Lévrier is the beach with the blackest sand of the island.

On your way there, you might see a beautiful view over the north of Martinique, so be sure to take your camera with you. While walking to get there does not require a level of sports, access remains difficult for small children.

In addition, within the cliff there is a "hole" called blower.

It is strongly advised not to swim in because if heavy swell, you might be led down and thus drown you. So be careful!

To get to this beach from Fort-de-France, you must take the N2 towards Saint-Pierre, then the D10 towards the Prêcheur, still continue on the D10 in the direction Anse Couleuvre until you reach the beach and small car park. Once put on your shoes and go for a 15-20 minute walk to get to Anse Lévrier.

Note that it is possible to see this beach during the visit of "Anses du Prêcheur" (Handles of Prêcheur).