Anse Michel

Located on the Atlantic coast, Anse Michel is the opinion of some the second most beautiful beach of the island after the Salines.

Indeed, bordered by coconut trees, this beach could very well be on the cover of a travel brochure! Its clean, clear water, gigantic palms that border, numerous activities will leave a lasting impression.

Remember to bring snorkel before coming to observe its rich underwater.

Paradise for windsurfers and kite-surfers, you will also make outings on horseback along the beach. Companies can rent windsurfing windsurfing. You can also go jet skiing.

It is not uncommon to see small hermit crabs in the sand. They are completely harmless and are a protected species on the island.

The more experienced swimmers can get to the visible ilet Chevalier opposite.

It has benches and tables for those who wish to picnic but you can eat on-site because of many restaurants present on or near the beach. If you prefer to opt for a quiet visit on weekdays except on weekends you can also enjoy the local family atmosphere.

To get there before you arrived at Sainte-Anne a sign indicates Anse Michel.

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