Anses d'Arlet

Anses d'Arlet beach of Anse d'Arlet is also called the "Beach Village". This is the most popular beach and one of the most popular on the island. This is the most photographed beach of the island because of its pontoon exact alignment with the church of the town dating from the 16th century and facing the sea.

It has a webcam that transmits images of the beach near live on the internet. It has showers where you can rinse. A restaurant and some huts present on site will allow you to eat.

Like other beaches in the town of Anse d'Arlet, it is possible to see tropical fish and other wildlife of the island.

To get there, simply go to the town of Anse d'Arlet once the steeple of the church spotted, come closer, you've arrived :)

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