Corps de Garde

Corps de Garde is the largest beach of the town, it is also the busiest. It is also the most beautiful beach in the common opinion of the inhabitants of the town. It is located 3 km from the center of Sainte Luce.

The water is clear and fine golden sands. Its trees (coconut, sea grapes) will offer welcome shade for those who want a picnic. You can go to the pool diving (unique in the Caribbean islands !) which found location at Corps de Garde.

It has many facilities (volleyball net, refreshments, parking). It is also equipped with showers allowing rinse after bathing. You can eat on the spot with the nearby restaurant on the beach or near the beach.

Swimming is sometimes monitored.

It is often very busy especially on weekends. Many activities are offered by the Club and the Association Gommiers "South Discover" as an introduction to traditional sailing, canoeing-kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, optimists, catamarans and Finswimming.

The access is easy and signage in the town allow to get there pretty easily.

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