Grande Anse

Grande Anse beach of Anse d'Arlet is one of the largest beaches in Martinique. It is also a very quiet beach sheltered from the waves. It is very sunny afternoon and little windy.

The water is very clear and limpid. It has a platform from which we can see very clearly the sand and the rocks in the water. It is very common to see sea stars or other tropical fish.

It is recommended to equip a mask and snorkel to see the fauna of the seabed. Attention starfish are protected species in Martinique and it is strictly forbidden to take them and go with them.

Diving and canoeing activities are available on the beach for a fee.

It is possible to eat thanks to the numerous restaurants and bars present on the spot along the whole length of the beach.

It is a very quiet beach during the week but very popular with families on weekends. It is a very lively beach weekend and it is possible to fully enjoy the local life while listening to local music broadcast on the beach by other bathers.

This beach can leave a different opinion if you go during the week or on a weekend or holiday.

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