Ilet Chevalier

Ilet Chevalier as well as the Salines beach is a little place you must absolutely visit when you are in Martinique.

This islet located on the coast of the east peninsula of Sainte Anne, protected by the coral reef is a natural paradise as long in length and width.

It is accessible via shuttle pay on the shore of Cap Chevalier in just a few minutes by boat (500m away). You can not miss the shuttle (Taxi Cap or fishermen) present on the pontoon Cap Chevalier.

Attention, from 4pm, access to the islet will be denied. Indeed, to protect the flora and fauna present on the island, no visitor should remain on the islet beyond 6pm.

During the crossing, you can see the rocks present on the islet. On the islet, vegetation is dense and varied (palms, cactus). A very small path taken you across the islet and make the most of its natural side.

And the beach, what about the beach? A true paradise ! A fine white sand, clear and turquoise blue water and calm will not leave anyone indifferent to the landscape worthy of a postcard.

For swimmers, it is possible to swim across to the beach of Anse Michel opposite.

To get there, you must go to the town of Sainte-Anne and then follow "Cap Chevalier". Warning road not fitted but can't put off when you see this beautiful landscape you will inevitably be conquered!

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