Located in Le Marin, Pointe Borgnese is a magnificent beach with turquoise water and fine blond sand.

It offers superb views of Morne Larcher and Rocher du Diamant on your right.

As well as being a superb beach, it's also a place renowned for its seabed. You can admire many species of underwater flora and fauna. It boasts an impressive marine nature reserve that will delight scuba diving enthusiasts.

It is a protected site due to the importance of its flora and fauna, so fishing, sampling, and anchoring are prohibited.

To get there from Fort-de-France, head south of Martinique via the N5 towards Le Marin. Once you've passed Rivière-Pilote, start to slow down as there's a small, gravelly parking lot on your right. Then head down a narrow path.

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