Located 2 km from the town of Vauclin, the beach of Pointe Faula is unique in Martinique.

The water is shallow and for a comfortable swim, adults have to walk a lot before reaching normal sized water for swimming. Lined with coconut trees, it offers a nice shade for those who wish to picnic.

Another advantage of this beach, the warmth of its waters. Indeed, the water is one of the hottest throughout the Caribbean.

This beach is frequently affected by the various episodes of sargassum that hit the Atlantic coast.

Many activities are offered there (sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing). It is the beach par excellence for water sports requiring wind due to its totally unobstructed exposure on the Atlantic coast. Also you can come there only to admire the magnificent kitesurf wings.

Snacks are available on the beach for those who wish to eat there. It also has tables and benches in the shade of the sun.

Concerts are sometimes organized there like the Baccha Festival or Music on the beach or the Jazz à la Pointe.

To get there, go to the southest of the island and the municipality of "Vauclin", once you arrive in the city, several signs will guide you to the beach of Pointe Faula.

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