The Salines

The Salines is "THE" beach in Martinique. In the opinion of most of the population, it is the most beautiful beach of the island and it is sometimes described as the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean archipelago.

Salines beach is often used for posters, postcards or brochures describing Martinique. Long white sandy beach lined with coconut palms, with turquoise waters, this beach has nothing to envy the most beautiful beaches of tropical islands !

It is especially busy during the week with tourists and even on weekends when tourists mingle with the locals. Swimming is fun and not dangerous even if sometimes we can note the presence of small or medium sized waves.

Tables and benches are present in shaded areas, showers are installed to rinse off after swimming. Restaurants are also present on the beach and nearby.

You can also visit the pond of Salines which its ecosystem is obviously protected.

You will come across certainly many crabs. Salines beach is the southern tip of Martinique. You can access it by going to the town of Sainte Anne and follow the signs that prevents to lose!

A MUST see!

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