Buy a souvenir

You are in Martinique and you want to bring back souvenirs to your loved ones. How to be sure to be happy and do good business? Of course, everything depends on what you want to bring. If you want to bring food (fruits or vegetables), go firstly in the various markets of the island. Fort-de-France has many fruit and vegetable markets.

Furthermore it is common to come across merchants of fruit and vegetables on roadsides in all municipalities of Martinique. In addition, the different markets you can find "homemade" products (made ​​by individuals and non-industry) as the "caramel pistache" (peanuts cooked with caramel), coconut tablets, candied peppers (seasonings with local peppers), local sweets or even jams or punches made with local products.

Hypermarkets and local supermarkets also sell products manufactured from local ingredients. So you will find jam or jelly (guava, pineapple, tamarind, coconut, banana, acerola, lychees, ginger, mango, papaya, etc...)

On rum, prized product of Martinique, it is possible to get them during your visits in the different distilleries of the island in the hypermarkets or supermarkets or to Aimé Césaire International Airport when you return to your country.

Finally, if you want to buy different non-food branded Martinique, you can find in Fort de France downtown including the street in front of the taxi stand (rue Ernest Deproge) but also in various municipalities nearby beaches such as at Diamant, Pointe du Bout at Trois- Ilets or Sainte Anne.