Known by all rum lovers, J. Bally distillery has been producing a quality product recognized throughout the world for several centuries.

In the 18th century, Baron de Lajus bought a small sugar refinery with a water mill, built in 1610. Spared following the eruption of Mount Pelee, the estate was nevertheless seized by the authorities.

Jacques Bally, an engineer from the Arts and Manufactures bought it in 1917 at the time when rum production was at its peak. He transforms the sugar factory into a distillery. Trained at the École Centrale de Paris, his knowledge allows him to build a new distillation column himself and install a value machine.

This improvement of the equipment is accompanied by a land revaluation. He brought together the divided lands and rebuilt the Habitation Lajus. In 1930, he first created the famous pyramidal bottle that would make the brand famous throughout the world.

He also decided to let his rums age in barrels, drawing inspiration from a process used for the production of fine alcohols and favored this option from 1924. He is seen as a precursor of old rum.

One of his sons joined him after the end of World War II and together they continued to improve the facilities.

In 1976, Bally rum produced by Saint James in its Creole column but part of the aging is still done in Bally's cellars.

In 1987, the brand and its Creole column were moved to the Simon distillery and in 1996 when the Rémy Cointreau group took control, all Bally production was transferred to Saint James distillery where Bally rum benefited from a very special production. The equipment is modernized. Part of the aging is always carried out in the Carbet distillery. The methods developed by Jacques Bally are retained. Production takes place during the driest season and the rum is aged exclusively in oak barrels.

Today the J. Bally brand only sells 250,000 liters per year, which makes it a rare and artisanal rum of grand cru quality. Old rum is the specialty of the Bally house. Hints of vanilla and dry wood are added and give it a unique flavor.

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