La Favorite Distillery

La Favorite distillery was born in 1842 between Fort-de-France and Lamentin under the name of "Distillery Jambette", named after the river that fed it.

Its name was changed in 1851 by its owner Charles Henry in reference to an anecdote. Indeed, Joséphine de Beauharnais would have offered a bottle of rum of Habitation Jambette to Napoleon at the beginning of the First Empire and he would say "This is my favorite liquor".

The legend told until now about the name of this Habitation would be false because the birth of the Habitation is after the beginning of the First Empire. The domain belongs to Dormoy family for three generations. The domain that has experienced twists and turns in its history because of good times and bad times was even one sugar factory one time before returning a distillery.

Today, La Favorite Distillery is among one of the last independent family distillers to date. It offers a wide variety of rums with white rum, dark rum and the old rum...

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