La Mauny

La Mauny distillery was founded in 1749. It owes its name to Comte Ferdinand Poulain, Comte de Mauny, who settled in Martinique in the early 18th century. Initially, the field of Mauny was an area dedicated to sugar but has resisted the sugar crisis moving towards the production of rum in the mid 20th century.

The property was acquired by the brothers Theodore and George Bellonnie. In the 70s, Theodore Bellonnie associates the Bourdillon families within the society of La Mauny Rums. The company took the name Bellonnie Bourdillon and Successors (BBS), which also owns "Trois-Rivières" and "Duquesne".

Since, Rums of Trois-Rivières and Duquesne are produced within the Mauny distillery. During the tour, you can see how the different rums of La Mauny are produced, the different stages from cane juice to bottling. A tasting of different rums and punches is also available.

At the end of the visit, you can go to the store and get rum or derivatives brands as "La Mauny", "Trois Rivers" and "Duquesne". You can also buy products with rum punches made with La Mauny rums.

To get there, towards Riviere-Pilote on N8, then the signs will guide you to the distillery.

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