Reculée Forest is little known compared to Montravail Forest in Sainte-Luce and Vatable Forest to Trois-Ilets, but it does not remain an area to visit by nature and hiking lovers.

Reculée Forest is very wide. Almost all the forest areas are accessible by car. You can picnic with the singing of the mountain whistler. Indeed, many picnic areas are available in the forest. The average altitude is 350 meters with a beautiful view of the high valley of Lorrain and its "wild" forests.

Heliconias and white gum trees welcome you. Equipment includes 6 tables and benches, a large ajoupa, barbecues. For those looking for a unique tropical countryside, the scenery is guaranteed. A short walking tour will introduce you to some species of the forest.

To get the direction of the town of Sainte-Marie and out of the town must leave the last roundabout and take immediately the direction of Reculée area (to your left) must roll to district named "Reculée" and cross straight to the entrance of the forest. This route of the district will take you at least 10 to 15 minutes drive.

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