Map of the islets of Martinique

Martinique is not an archipelago but nevertheless has about fifty islets that surround it. These small lands are often places of passage of birds species hibernating during the winter in the northern hemisphere. They are therefore protected areas where everything is done to preserve them while allowing visits.

AZ Martinique presents all the islets of Martinique. To learn more about an island, click on the marker of your choice. After opening the popup, click on the title or image of the selected islet. You will then be redirected to the article presenting the islet concerned.

Ilet Oscar

Ilet la Perle

Ilet du Céron

Ilet du Galion

Ilet Chevalier

Ilet Duquesnay

Ilet Thierry

Ilet Petite Grenade

Ilet Métrente

Petit Ilet

Ilet Pelé

Rocher de la Caravelle

Ilet Cabrits

Îlet Saint-Aubin

Ilet Long

Îlet Petit Dupré

Îlet Rat

Îlets aux Chiens

Rocher du Diamant (Diamond Rock)