Ilet la Perle

Îlet La Perle is the only islet of Prêcheur. It's a great spot to do the diving. It is located 2,800 meters of the coastline in the Prêcheur in the Martinique passage off the Anse Couleuvre. It comes in the shape of a large volcanic rock. Its marine area is 82 hectares and land area is 0.32 hectare.

It is of interest to marine avifauna: Îlet La Perle is frequented by many protected species such as bridled tern, Brown Noddy or Brown Booby. Its peripheries are very interesting especially from the perspective of marine ecology and are monitored by the Observatory of the Marine of Martinique.

It is a site exposed to high hydrodynamic conditions. Fish species are very diverse (68 species identified) and large fish. We also note the presence of green sea turtles.

In the clear waters, you can see barracudas, hundreds of schools of bigeye trevally, Southern sennet, turtles, Botia clown, Mutton snapper, parrotfish, snappers, fusiliers and beautiful flora. One can also see large pelagic and dolphins.

Very little frequented by divers because of its distance from the coast, Îlet La Perle dive is simply magical. Please note, the current can be turbulent.

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