Ilet Métrente

Îlet Métrente is an islet in François. It differs from other small islands of Martinique because it is an inhabited islet, with real inhabitants and who have their main home address there.

It is located near the coast including the baie Simon. The Îlet Anonyme or Îlet Métrente islet is the most populated of all the François islets. It was formerly known as « Îlet Pilote », name if a Carib Indian leader who would have lived there.

It owes its current name to a former inhabitant of the island who had 30 children. Hesitating between which name to choose to name the islet, he decided to call it simply "Métrente". In French, mes trente means "my thirty".

It is an elongated shape islet with pebble coves and sandy coves. It is low, it does not exceed 30 meters-high. The vegetation is mostly herbaceous grassed-type with an almost continuous cover but with great heterogeneity. We observe woody shrub formations. The windward side meanwhile has a vegetation made of clumps of sparse and low grasses.

Regarding birds, the Bananaquit which is the bird most met on the islet despite the fact that human activities threaten more and more its presence.

It is the most arthropic islet of the studied area of Martinique with 21 houses! Two thirds of the houses are of maintained structure and it is the traditional style which predominates. These houses are unfortunately not equipped with septic tanks as most of the houses on the islets which poses problems of sanitary hygiene.

It is also an islet that has vacation homes that can be rented.

It is therefore an islet attended regularly but more strongly during high tourist seasons.

It is part of the islets neither too degraded, nor too preserved but vigilance remains necessary to preserve the natural species present.

It is possible to go there to visit it. Excursion companies or fishermen offer visits near all the islets of François.