Ilet Petit Piton

Îlet Petit Piton is an uninhabited islet of the commune of Robert. It is located as an extension of Îlet La Grotte in the southwest of the latter. Moreover, it is nicknamed "Islet of the Rock of the Cave". It is very small with an area of only 0.7 hectares.

It owes its name to its relatively high and pointed relief.

It is one of the islets protected by a decree of protection of biotope dating from 2002.

Its highest point is 40 m.

It is the result of a lava flow coming from the Îlet La Grotte, Îlet Petit Piton is located west of it. It is attached to La Grotte islet by a tombolo of 350 meters.

With a slightly elongated and conical shape, this rock is circumscribed on all sides by steep cliffs and in a raging sea.

Seen from afar, it looks like a shoe.

The access to this islet is very dangerous. Even by boat it is impossible to reach it because of a very high reef plateau and it is not possible to land.

There are no houses on the site.

Finally, Îlet Petit Piton is classified as being in advanced stage of conservation.