Ilet Petit Vincent

Petit Vincent Islet is an uninhabited islet in the town of Le Robert. It is almost circular in shape. It is located near the islet Petite Martinique.

It is the closest islet to the coast of Le Robert, in this case the Réunion district. Only 25 meters separate the islet from the municipality, despite its distance from the town center.

Today, the islet is practically glued to the commune, and is referred to as a "peninsula". It is entirely covered by mangrove swamps, with a rich flora and fauna. This mangrove, which has gradually formed between the coast and the islet, has linked them together. The other part not covered by mangrove is an andesite flow.

The islet was first recognized in the 18th century.

Petit Vincent Islet consists of moderately gentle slopes linked to a hummocky, gently sloping summit plateau. It reaches a height of around ten meters.

The easiest way to get there is by motorboat, given the shallows and the various channels to be followed, where distances become longer.

It is possible to visit the island. Several companies offering tours to the islets of Robert, including Ti Canots. There is a pontoon where boats can dock.

L'îlet Petit Vincent is one of the islets that is neither "too degraded nor too well preserved".

The Petit Vincent islet, like the Boisseau, Chancel, La Grotte, Loup Garou, Madame, Petit-Piton and Petite Martinique islets, has been protected by a biotope protection order since 2002. They were listed by ministerial decree on July 28, 2007.