Ilet Petite Martinique

Îlet Petite Martinique is an uninhabited islet in the commune of Le Robert. It is located near Pointe Melon.

It covers an area of around 5 hectares. It rises 34 meters above sea level.

It has been protected by a protection decree de biotope since 2002.

There are three holiday homes on the islet. These are dwellings that can be used as vacation homes. They can be rented out for shorter or longer stays.

Îlet Petite Martinique is visited seasonally, due to the presence of these residences.

Îlet Petite Martinique is one of the islets classified as neither too degraded nor too well preserved. However, measures could be taken to protect it even further, such as banning visitors from the entire southern and south-eastern bangs of the islet, or lining the bottom of the ravines with stones to prevent them from widening.

Photo credit : Ti canots
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