Îlet Saint-Aubin

It owes his name to the first settlers, the Beaupré Saint-Aubin who owned all the surrounding land in front of the islet and the islet. They were devoted to sugar cane exploitation. Facing their monarchists opinions, they are dispossessed by the nation who resell them to Huygues-Despointes. These are still very present in the current economy Martinique.

Îlet Saint-Aubin is located in the commune of Sainte-Marie, a little way from Îlet Sainte-Marie which faces the municipality's center. It was formerly known as îlet de Caerman, as shown on 18th-century nautical charts.

It owes its name to the first settlers, the Beaupré de Saint-Aubin family, who owned all the surrounding land opposite the islet, as well as the islet itself. These lands were devoted to sugarcane cultivation. Because of their monarchist views, they were dispossessed by the nation, who sold them to the Huygues-Despointes. The Huygues-Despointes family is still very much a part of Martinique's economy today.

It is an uninhabited islet with abundant vegetation.

L'îlet Saint-Aubin marked the entrance to Trinité harbor for ships coming from the Canal de la Dominique. Its appearance and position make it stand out from the others. Indeed, it is high and steep on all sides, and its upper part offers a rounded surface covered with undergrowth mixed with a few trees.

It is possible to dock in its northern part, as it is "safe" on this side. The southern part has rocks dotted around its edges with protruding asperities, many of which have reached sea level.

L'îlet Saint-Aubin also has a white sandbank to the north, while to the south, blocks of coral have formed from their debris as they collide with each other.

It is also accessible on its east-southeast side via a chain of shoals with 13 to 10 feet of water.

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