Mount Pelee

With 1,397 meters (4,583 feets), Mount Pelee (Montagne Pelée in french) is the culmination of Martinique. It is an active volcano that has left a permanent scar in the eruption of Mount Pelee May 8, 1902.

Its eruption has killed more than 32,000 people and completely destroyed the city of Saint-Pierre which was the capital of Martinique. Although, many say that Mount Pelee would be at Saint Pierre but it is in the town of Morne Rouge where would be the volcano.

If you want a cool bath, this is the ideal place to go in Martinique. Indeed, at the top of the mountain, it would be about 10°C (50°F), the lowest temperature you can have on the island. The more you climb the mountain, the cooler the temperatures become.

Its summit, called "Le Chinois" (The Chinese in French) which culminates at 1397 meters is revealed only seven days on average over a year! It is thus extremely rare that the clouds do not hide it and let appear the entirety of its contours.

The climb of mount Pelee lasts about 5 hours or even 6 hours if you plan to reach the summit. To make the most of the place, plan to go very early in the morning (from 5 or 6 am). You can choose to climb by the Aileron or by the big savannah. Only the most experienced hikers/climbers can hope to reach the summit.

On the way back, you can make a small tour by the small restaurant-bar present on the carpark to take again forces before setting out again.

To get there, you must go north of Martinique and once arrived in the town of Morne Rouge, go towards Ajoupa Bouillon, take the road "Route de l'Aileron" to the parking of the first refuge (822 m). The first route leads to the second refuge (1,250 m) on the edge of the Caldeira. The sign will tell you how to get there pretty easily.

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