Canal des esclaves

The Canal des Esclaves (slaves canal) also called Canal de Beauregard is a place to hike on the heights of Carbet to the Fonds-Mascret neighborhood of Fonds-Saint-Denis. Built in 1760, it owes its name "Canal de Beauregard" to the man who had the idea of ​​conception, Mr. Beauregard then was subsequently appointed Canal des Esclaves to honor the men who carried on their backs stone for its construction.

It was once a vestige of the economic life of the 18th century. Its main purpose was to supplement traditional energy sources used hitherto namely windmills and animals mills. It was also used to carry water from the river Carbet to the Houses of the Caribbean Coast and so irrigate crops. Today is a walk of nearly 7km in a splendid natural setting.

It is a place to hike a 3.5 km length each way. Hiking is possible all year round but just try to avoid doing the wet weather. You can choose to start your hike either Carbet or in Fonds-Saint-Denis.

While safe, this ride is not recommended for those prone to vertigo, as the coping (cemented band) of the channel on which it is circulating in some places wide 30cm only overlooking ravines over 100 meters. The narrow path requires walkers to follow in single file. Throughout the tour, you will be immersed in the natural environment with tropical flora and fauna such as small crabs harmless.

Do not forget to wear sneakers and something to eat if you intend to carry the entire hike. Your camera will allow you to take great photos due to different views offered by this hike as the Pitons of Carbet.

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