Fishing port of Vauclin

The fishing port of Vauclin (Port de pêche du Vauclin) is the first fishing port of Martinique. In this town, about 500 people live in income from fishing. About a hundred fishermen returning to port with nearly 200 tons of fish and shellfish annually.

You can enjoy the local carp, coulirou, trevally, bream, marlin, tuna but also sometimes lobster, conch or chatrous (local octopus).

Fishermen sell to both restaurants of the island and individuals who come directly at the port to buy fish.

If you want to buy fish, better go to the docks late morning (10 am-12pm) or in the late afternoon, early evening (5pm-7pm). Not far away, a market is selling freshly caught fish, shellfish and vegetables.

To get there go directly to the town of Vauclin and follow the signs to the port.

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