Habitation Céron

Habitation Ceron is a former sugar factory built in the early days of colonization in 1685, located in the town of Prêcheur. It was a place of growing coffee, cocoa, cassava and banana, but above all, a place of business of the sugar cane (rum and sugar cane). It is now partly in ruins, destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pelee the May 8, 1902.

Vestiges of its sugar past are still present because some buildings have withstood the lavas of the Mount Pelee but the Habitation is now primarily a tropical garden. A restaurant on site will allow you to taste the local flavors including many seafood (crayfish, chatrou, conch, fish) if you choose to eat there.

As an activity, you can make a very nice hike to a small waterfall and a pool for a nice river bath or excursions using a quad.

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