L'étang des Salines (Salines pond)

Near Salines beach is a large protected area with l'étang des Salines (Salines pond). This vast lake is home to rare flora and fauna. However, if the pond is now a protected before thanks to its location space and resources it provided, it housed a home sugar battery and later was used as farm land agricoles. Around the 20th century, the wine is introduced to the pond Salines.

Since 1998, the lake is protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral . In 1999, he was recognized as a wetland of international importance under the Convention Ramstar. Today Amepas make discover this unique space in Martinique. The pond was built with a route on stilts where you can admire more closely the flora and fauna present on the premises. The funds are muddy, grassy and sandy.

The pond is a popular Salines of wildlife. 38 species of fish, 5 species of shrimp and 10 species of crabs live on the premises. It includes both freshwater fish and live fish in saltwater areas (garfish, mullet, pike, eel, moray eel or sole).

Here you can also admire migratory birds. These birds left northern North America spend a few hours to a few days, the time of reproduction, before returning to winter in South America. Migratory birds are seen mainly during the last quarter of the year.

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